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The Driven Machine Drums 3 + M.D. Bundle is the result of a 3-year effort, combining over $57,000 in synthesis and engineering technology. The goal was to create an inspiring and unique “go-to” library which generated stunning results quickly and with ease.



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4 modular systems to generate fresh and unique analog percussive sounds:
MakeNoise Modular System
Wiard / Richter / Malekko Modular System
Hordijk Modular System
Serge Creature

SP-1200 processing for a classic hip-hop sounds:
Gotharman SP-Box with SP-1200 D/A converters and analog vca + filter

Modern Digital FSU machines:
Gotharman Little Deformer 2
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas
Intellijel Shapeshifter

Physical Modeling for electroacoustic hybrid sounds:
Nord Drum 2
Korg Wavedrum Oriental
Elektron Machine Drum

Modern and Classic analog drum sources:
Elektron Rytm
Vermona Kick Lancet
Roland TR-909
TTA 808 Modules

Vintage Digital Sources:
Roland R-70
Casio RZ-1
Emu Procussion

Additional creative analog effects processing:
Cwejman MMF-6 analogue filter
Cwejman FSH-1 frequency shifter
Intellijel uFold II wavefolder
Dynacord VRS-23 analog delay
Ibanez AD-202 analog delay
Demeter RV-1 spring reverb
Doepfer A-199 spring reverb

Additional analog processing to boost harmonics and shape the samples:
Atlas Pro Juggernaut Twin (with iron and nickel transformers)
Angel Lofte Source +
NOS French Mazda Tubes
NOS Valvo Tubes
Foote Control P3S
Valley People Dynamite

Analog Equalization:
Kush Elektra Electrified Transient Equalizer (19” rack)
GML 8200
AMS Neve 1081
API 5500 Dual Equalizer


Each sample focused in-the-pocket with analog equalizers and filters
helping prevent muddy low frequency and harsh high frequency buildup

Goldilocks analog processing (just right)
giving your samples true analog warmth and depth

Parallel processed to maintain pure transients while increasing body
psychoacoustically increasing perceived gain in a mix

Sources recorded with mastering quality AD converters
authentically capturing every nuance and detail of these living machines

Samples presented with intentional headroom
minimizing unwelcome distortion and clipping in your DAW or drum sampler

Each sample precision hand edited down to -144dBFS
for perfect attacks and smooth decays

OCD level of labeling and subcategorization
making sounds easy to find in the moment of inspiration

A wide variety and balanced spectrum of percussion
ranging from the familiar classics to the fresh and experimental timbres of tomorrow

LEAN. All meat, no filler
Over 16,000 samples were recorded and only the best-of-the-best samples remain in the collection.



Driven Machine Drums 3:

2,426 Samples subdivided into 9 percussion types

422 KICKS (deep, soft, glitch, analog, harmonic, beatbox, dirty + more)

473 SNARES (big, electric, snappy, vintage, dirty, tight, FSU, industrial, experimental + more)

212 CLAPS (analog, wet, classic, bent, soft, small, digital + more)

210 TOMS (analog, beatbox, electroacoustic, industrial, vintage + more)

284 PERC REAL (beatbox, hand perc, metal, ethnic, vintage, electroacoustic + more)

231 PERC SYNTH (analog cowbells, rims, bongos, congas, electro, bells + more)

273 HATS (analog, shakers, modular, inharmonic, noise, vintage/beatbox, experimental + more)

51 CYMBALS (analog, hybrid, vintage/beatbox)

270 UNKNOWN ELECTRONIC (analog glitch, bwaps, dirty electric, pings, liquid creature, random bent, harmonic glitch + more)


Driven Machine Drums M.D. Collection:

2,733 Samples subdivided into 5 machine types

EFM = Enhanced Feedback Modulation Synthesis
69 Claps (high freq, mid freq, experimental)
61 Cowbells
50 Cymbals
49 Hats
91 Kicks (drop, experimental, no-kick perc, standard)
42 Rims (short, med, long)
149 Snares (low, mid, high, processed 1 + 2)
86 Toms (low, mid, high)

PI = Acoustic Drum Modeling
49 Crashes (long, med, short)
61 Hats (long, med, short)
52 Kicks (lower, higher)
26 Maracas
22 Metal
58 Rides (long, med, short)
36 Rims (noise, tonal)
110 Snares (big, light, med, trashcan)
47 Toms (low, med, high)

TRX = Vintage Analog Character
51 Claps (higher, lower, shorter)
29 Claves
28 Congas
26 Cowbells
34 Hats (open, closed)
106 Kicks (long, med, short, long)
38 Rims
45 Snares
85 Toms (low, med, high)
12 Maracas

EP12 = Classic Vintage Beatbox Character
44 Bongos, Congas
81 Claps (standard, glitch, mod)
24 Cowbells
32 Crashes (standard, glitch)
77 Hats (closed, open)
44 Kicks (lowbend, standard)
37 Rides (standard, not)
35 Rims
19 Shakers
120 Snares (SR1-1, SR1-2, SR2-1, SR2-2)
14 Tamborine
120 Toms (low, mid, high, glitch)
25 Triangles

FR909 = Classic Analog Drum Machine
30 Claps
10 Crashes
21 Hats (open, closed)
70 Kicks (distorted, hard, medium, softer)
12 Rides
4 Rims
124 Snares (high, low, soft, tight)
278 Toms (low, medium, high)

Includes 5,159 Samples in the following formats:

24-bit 96kHz Wav + Aif

24-bit 44.1kHz Wav

16-bit 48kHz Wav (for Analog Rytm)

16-bit 44.1kHz Wav (for hardware samplers such as Akai, Emu, etc)

(all above formats compatible with drag/drop functionality within Drum Racks, Maschine, Geist, Kong, MPC Software, Battery, Spark, Nerve, etc)

202 instrument mappings for:

NI Kontakt

Logic Alchemy

Logic EXS24

Ableton (macro drum selector for Drum Racks)

41 Kits in the following formats:

Ableton Drum Racks

NI Maschine

FXpansion Geist

FXpansion Guru

Sample Chains (Elektron Octratrack)


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30-Day Trial Policy

The best way for you to experience the DMD3 + DMDMD Bundle is to use the collection in it's entirety. That way you can acquire a true feel of how these sounds integrate with your vision. I also believe in treating others the way I would like to be treated, extending trust and honor as the standard. That is why I am willing to offer a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. If at any time within that period you feel it's not 100% working out, please, email me and request a refund. No harm, no foul, easy. (tonebldr at gmail)

In return I also desire to be treated with trust and honor, so I expect you to delete the content and always keep it private. If not for me, my family, or the other users, do it entirely for selfish reasons and keep it for yourself. Who wants to wear the same thing as everyone else everyday? Not me and surely not you. I'm still not down with the Khaki uniform.


"Using top notch gear, and sound design and engineering skills I can only dream of, he has created another stunning collection of drum and percussion samples... DMD3 surely tops my list of drum libraries to take on a deserted island. 5/5"


Reviews of previous DMD collections:

"i have been in europe for the past 3 weeks .. making tons of music on my laptop. the only sound library i have on my computer is DMDSB and it's really all i need... hard to work away from my studio but this fills the void! its incredible man! REALLY REALLY LOVE IT"
- Drumcell

"Man, I'm totally impressed. You have a wonderful attention to sonic detail. You can hear that every sample was completely crafted and sculpted to perfection with this release!"
- Richard Devine

"It is astonishing how little extra effort is needed to get a loud drum mix with DMDSB samples... things usually aren’t this easy when mixing drums"
- Tomislav, Bedroom Producers Blog

"The sound themselves are among the best we've heard for any type of electronic music and highly recommend them."
- Trash Audio


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All samples are copyright Tonebuilder 2016. By purchasing the Driven Machine Drums 3 + MD Bundle, you agree to the terms of licensing. Upon purchase of a license, ONE user may use the individual samples in a musical production consisting of multiple layered sounds or instruments within a composition of 20 seconds or greater. You may not sell the contents of this collection in it's entirety or resell any individual sound contained within. You may not process or layer these sounds with the intent of repacking them for any distributed sample collection, be them private, public, or commercial. You agree to protect the contents of the DMD3 + MD Bundle by not making them accessible to unauthorized duplication or distribution.

* All names listed are trademarks of their respective company. These tools were used in tandem to create the DMD3 + MD Bundle and their listing here is for informational purpose. No endorsement by any of these companies is implied. I do enjoy their tools for a variety of uses beyond designing drum sounds, perhaps you would as well.


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